Shiatsu for Care Homes


I have adapted seated sessions for the elderly in residential care homes. The sessions usually last for ten to fifteen minutes  and  can be carried out while residents are sat in wheelchairs, armchairs or dining  chairs or in their beds.

I work very gently with older people to ease out aches and pains, keep joints mobile and also to offer contact and relaxation for people who may be very physically isolated in their later years.


Residents tend to love the nourishing  connection shiatsu in this context can give and we invariably have a good chat and a laugh too!

I offer a free trial to see whether this service can work for you in your setting.


‘A lot of people with dementia are anxious and confused and need interaction,touch and contact. Shiatsu massage calms them down and relaxes them and the benefits are apparent long after the session has finished ‘ (  Annie, nurse at Shire Hall care home.)

‘Sarah’s shiatsu massage is very beneficial to our residents here at Shire Hall. I notice a hugely calming influence which improves the residents wellbeing’ ( Glesni, activities at Shire Hall care home.)