Private Practice Shiatsu

Therapeutically Shiatsu can be a deeply relaxing and nourishing treatment as well as powerful and challenging. Working intuitively each treatment can be different depending on the clients’ needs. Shiatsu can help activate our body’s own natural healing abilities and help us to listen to ourselves and become more  aware of our bodies , our thoughts and feelings and the relationship between them.

Clients come to shiatsu of all ages and for many different reasons:

  • For specific symptoms to more general symptoms of poor health.
  • For aches , pains and stiffness.
  • To help reduce the build up of stress in their daily lives.
  • For relaxation.
  • To support health and wellbeing.
  • To explore our patterns of being in the world.
  • For support during major life changes.

In this context shiatsu is carried out on a futon on the floor with the client fully clothed.  Sessions typically last for an hour and I also offer 1.5 hour sessions.

The session will involve a chat about what is bringing you to Shiatsu and any medical conditions you may have. I may recommend exercises that may help you, suggest dietry or lifestyle changes where appropriate.