‘ As a Personal Trainer, Pilates teacher and having trained in contemporary dance I have tried alot of different types of bodywork/massage!

I always go back to shiatsu (and Sarah) as it offers than getting your back or a particular muscle released- it works on a deep and subtle level. Yes I leave relaxed but it is holistic,i often feel reconnected to myself and experience  a feeling of being present, restored to a place of balance.

My movement and posture is definitely improved after the sessions, again on a subtle level. Over time I know this has an impact on my body, quality of movement and general wellbeing. I  highly recommend Sarah as a practitioner.’   (  Helen Marie Wilson, Personal Trainer)


‘I feel so lucky to have come across Sarah and started regular Shiatsu treatment with her as part of coming into my body more fully and healing a serious illness. She is a really excellent and deeply intuitive therapist who is helping me at so many levels – emotional and mental as well as physical. She is not afraid to hold my hand as I walk into my own shadows. This is so much more than massage – it’s a journey into how energy works in my body. Thank you Sarah for your skill, groundedness and integrity’  (  Lucy )


‘I would just like to comment what a wonderful experience I had in the more than capable hands of Sarah, who is a very experienced practitioner in the fine art of shiatsu. My whole body was aching due to my job working outside on my knees tiling pathways in the cold and rain.  After a complete therapy session which I must stress is worth every penny I felt and still do feel revitalised.’  ( Julian Iacono, Tile Doctor )


I’ve visited Sarah almost ten times, so still a relative shiatsu novice, but I would encourage anyone to give it a go.
I have had various knee, back, shoulder and neck ‘niggles’ since my early 30s; but I worry that the impact that work has on my posture will only compound these as I get older. Sarah’s sessions are helping get to the nub of some of these niggles, particularly in my neck and shoulders.
I wasn’t sure what to expect to begin with. Shiatsu’s application of pressure on certain points of the body can be quite forceful; so don’t expect to slide into a massage-induced relaxed state every time. After each session my body feels like it has had a mini-workout. But I certainly feel less tense after sessions. I have also come to appreciate the emptying of my mind that each session involves, and shiatsu’s focus on breathing is definitely a factor in this.
So once a month I visit Sarah for a shiatsu session and each month I think I’m getting my mind and body a little more inter-tuned.     (Russell Todd)


I have attended shiatsu with Sarah since 2018 for the purpose of wellbeing and self-care.  The benefits of which have been innumerable.  The physical benefits of shiatsu are well documented, and Sarah’s patience, experience and intuitive technique ensure that each session is tailored to what my mind and body need.  Shiatsu has also complimented my gym routine as the massage relaxes my muscles after training to increase performance.  Furthermore, I have found that through incorporating shiatsu as part of my routine, I am better able to manage stress; I always leave the session feeling great! ( Charlotte)