About Me

A potted history…

I started my journey into complementary health in my 20’s when I became ill and wasn’t able to find help with allopathic medicine. I had some allergy testing using applied kinesiology, changed my diet and within two weeks felt like  a different person and there began my relationship of learning how to take responsibility for my own wellbeing. I subsequently trained as an allergy therapist and although I don’t do this on its own anymore I sometimes test Shiatsu clients whom I think may benefit.

After contemporary dance training and working in an inclusive dance theatre company for several years I graduated to teaching movement practice which began to evolve into facilitating body awareness.

Shiatsu came as a natural progression from this movement work as my leaning to work therapeutically with people re-emerged. Shiatsu gave me another way to connect to my body and deepen my understanding of the relationship between body and mind, how energy works in the body and how the energies are affected by our emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical wellbeing. Traditional Chinese medicine and five element theory really resonates with me and gives a context for our lives and wellbeing that is grounded in  the natural world around us, giving us a framework to reconnect with something bigger that we are intrinsically part of. I trained at the Bristol  school of shiatsu with some wonderful teachers and graduated in 2013. The school places a heavy emphasis on self awareness and healing alongside traditional Shiatsu theory and techniques which enable me to support my clients holistically.

Shiatsu changed my life, my relationship with myself and with other people. Allowing me to feel safe enough to inhabit my own body, contact what is present there, accept and let be so that transformation can happen.  It opened and continues to open my heart to our shared humanity and I love to work with whatever clients bring to the mat and the therapeutic relationship. It is a deeply healing and profound practice which I feel is my calling to share.

I am keen to take shiatsu out into the world and not just offer it to private clients which is why I offer it in different contexts in different ways, offering workshops to organisations and charities, seated sessions in businesses and care homes, out in the community and volunteering.   I offer courses to share the essence of Shiatsu and teach basic skills for people to share with friends and family. It is my desire to eventually offer a practitioner training in Cardiff starting with a year one certificate.

I  worked as a teaching assistant at the Bristol school of shiatsu where I trained.

I am member of the shiatsu society and I’m fully insured.