Wellbeing Workshops

I offer wellbeing workshops to organisations working with groups. I can tailor make these sessions to suit your organisation and to fit into courses etc.

An example of the kind of structure I have used successfully is as follows; a relevant discussion of individuals’ issues and difficulties within the context of the group, a brief introduction to shiatsu but focussing on how attention to wellbeing generally can significantly help people cope in difficult circumstances.

I then teach participants a self massage technique called Do-in, a series of physical shiatsu stretches which can be grounding and calming and then I teach them a short  seated  routine they can use on each other and take home.

Examples of some of the organisations I have worked with so far are:

  • Gingerbread single parents charity
  • Mental health foundation
  • Communities first wellbeing course
  • Warrior women events
  • Single parents Wales
  • These workshops can be a great way to look at health and wellbeing, create some connection within the group and for participants to begin to experience a different relationship between their  own bodies and minds.