‘healing happens in the present’

Welcome to my website, here you will find information about shiatsu and the various contexts I offer sessions in. I hope you will find one that suits you so you can experience the benefits of this lovely treatment.

A bit about Shiatsu…

Shiatsu is a form of traditional Japanese bodywork which draws on a long history of oriental medicine. Using five element theory and Chinese medical theory, Shiatsu, meaning ‘finger pressure’ works with the energy or ‘ki’ in the body by way of the body’s energetic meridian pathways. Using meridian massage, pressure points, stretches and manipulations  the practitioner will use her thumbs and fingers, palms and sometimes elbows to contact the client and encourage awareness and flow of energy in the body.

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So the foundation course is postponed until the Autumn, dates to be confirmed .. The Shiatsu society has now advised we stop giving treatments for the forseeable future. I hope all my clients stay well and safe and I am available should anyone want any wellbeing advice or support…See you all soon hopefully……

Low cost clinic

I am going to offer a low cost clinic starting on Thursday 19th March. Shiatsu sessions are available on a donation basis. For more information or to book an appointment please email or call me. sehshiatsu@gmail.com 07930241409  

Foundation course funded place

I am offering a funded place on the course again in honour of Eric Joseph who sponsored my Shiatsu training. If you would like to start your Shiatsu journey and are struggling to finance it then please email me explaining why you would like to do the course and what your financial situation is.

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