Workplace Shiatsu

I offer short seated shiatsu sessions in the workplace, all I need is a corner of your office and a chair.


In this context Shiatsu can provide many benefits:

  • Relieving neck and shoulder tension
  • Relieving headaches
  • Reviving tired eyes and sluggish brains
  • Clearing the mind
  • Improving productivity and creativity
  • Reducing anxiety and worry
  • Focussing scattered minds
  • Relaxing and enlivening

I visit my corporate clients anything  from weekly to monthly for two hours up to a full day depending on their needs.I give 15/20 or 30 minute sessions to people sitting on a chair. Employees love this service as the stress and strains of work pressures  and sitting at a desk all day take their toll. Wellbeing in the workplace is becoming more and more popular due to its wide reaching benefits, Shiatsu adapted to this setting is a perfect treatment.

I offer a free trial so you can experience the treatment and discuss how this this service can work for your business/organisation. Clients I have worked with include Hospital Innovations, Recruit 1 to 1, The Wallich, S3 and Newlaw.




“Sarah has been providing shiatsu massage treatments to members of our team for almost two years. They are very popular and much in demand! Whether offered as an employee benefit, or funded wholly or in-part by the the staff members themselves, I believe Sarah’s services make an invaluable contribution to employee wellbeing programmes”. 
Mike Bobbett
Director of Recruit 121

“A very relaxing service which has been gratefully received by our staff.  On a monthly basis it is a welcome break to the busy office routine.”
Sarah Lister-Sims
Director of Hospital Innovations Ltd.

Book a free workplace shiatsu trial to see how this could work for you: