I will be offering another  foundation course in Cardiff in the Spring 2022 in affiliation with the Bristol school of Shiatsu. The course has been hugely enjoyed by myself and the students and I am really looking forward to running it again next year. 

For students who seek basic skills in Shiatsu for use amongst family and friends the Foundation Course will run for 3 three weekends over two months. The course provides a good grounding in the healing art of Shiatsu. The Foundation Course is a complete elementary course in its own right and can also be taken as the first stage of the One Year Course and the Three Year Shiatsu Practitioner Training at Bristol school of Shiatsu.


  • Full Body Routine – learning to give a simple safe shiatsu to family and friends
  • Principles of Shiatsu approach and Technique
  • Working with presence, posture and breath
  • Developing body and emotional awareness for connectedness in shiatsu
  • Introduction to the Classical Meridian System
  • Introduction to and use of the major pressure points
  • Do-in – Japanese exercises and self-shiatsu techniques

Dates: SPRING 2022 – 23/24 April, 7/8 May , 28/29 May

           AUTUMN 2022 – 8/9 October, 22/23 October, 12/13 November

Venue: Chapter Arts Centre , Market road, Canton, Cardiff CF51QE

Cost: £390 (deposit £190)

To register your interest and for more information please contact me :



I am staggered by the little but immense learning that was introduced over 3 weekends. ‘Little’ in the sense of everything that you offered comes from so much more – and your understanding, experience and knowledge is so very clear to see…..Your approach is wonderful – you have the ability to invite, offer, demonstrate, guide, listen and support; and hold the space. I admire and respect your ability to listen and make sense (of what is said) by placing it where it can just be. As I write I think that is about accepting (in a non-judgemental way); it is more than that –  you also see what it is that needs seeing. I also love that you are so open in giving, sharing, and in so doing, settling everyone in the space – to feel safe in what they offer/contribute. The ethos (or my understanding so far) of Shiatsu oozes out of you.  (Sally)

Fantastic!  The course offered a brilliant insight into the world of Shiatsu leaving me feeling very hungry to find out more! Sarah crated a very safe and nurturing environment to learn in deepening a curiosity for shiatsu.  (Elle Kate )

I found the course to be really well paced for my learning style and weekends were staggered well for assimilation of learning. Group numbers were small keeping the energy intimate and separate at once which was good. Teaching- I found Sarah to be very approachable, friendly and supportive. I felt there was always an accepting environment no matter what. Content of course was covered well, Sarah was very informative and confident in her knowledge which inspired confidence in me as a learner. She was very open to questions and queries, always delivering in a compassionate manner. Handouts and notes were clear and she gave references to outside material so we could continue our own journey. (Tanith)

  I thoroughly enjoyed the course, I felt I learnt so much and the pace was perfect. It felt like we got so much in but without feeling rushed and it’s really affirmed to me that I want to take my learning in shiatsu on to the next stage (when I can fit this in!)
You were calm, thoughtful, fun and knowledgeable and were a fantastic teacher and the whole group felt so lovely to be a part of and learn together. (Louise)

I loved every minute of this short course  Sarah is fun and super-knowledgeable, and she made learning easy and accessible to all. Shiatsu brings a deep sense of peace to both the receiver and the giver and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.
I can’t wait for the year 1 course! (Deidre)

I got so much out of the shiatsu course, firstly it took me right out of my comfort but I went onto loving it and the company I was in, I felt safe .I feel alot calmer I tuned into my own body and the other girls on course which I never thought was possible being an agitated person,I was able to totally let go of my feelings emotions body etc.i would like to add people who know me well noticed a big change in me it was a mind blowing experience I have never felt so calm relaxed and full of hope I would recommend to anyone from all walks of life its an experience you will never forget and the pleasure of being free of everything you maybe consumed with just eliminates in the most natural way possible please give it a try it will I guarantee you it will transform your life because it’s still making an impact on me months since I did the course. I highly recommend and sarah is just the loveliest warmest patient understanding spiritual lady perfect for this out standing experience you will get. (Sasha)

Sarah’s intro to Shiastu course has been such an incredible blend of learning new skills and nurturing my own self development. Sarah creates such a welcoming, calm, caring (and fun!) environment from which to learn and grow, I honestly felt like I’d had 10 counselling sessions after 1 of the weekends! I felt full of joy, a much deeper sense of self and focus and I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn new skills or a greater awareness of themselves. Thank you again for your knowledge, kindness and compassion. ( Louise )