I’m so excited to be offering a foundation course here in Cardiff in the spring. Shiatsu has changed me and my life in so many ways and I have a passion to share it so that more people can benefit from its profound depth and healing . I love working with people in private practice because of the depth we can go to and I love going out into the community so that I can connect with more people who may not come into contact with Shiatsu otherwise. Beginning my teaching journey in Shiatsu is another way to spread the magic of this beautiful practice.

Shiatsu has enabled me to contact myself in deeper and fuller ways , to feel safer to go into my own dark places and stay with difficult emotions and painful feelings in my body. It is a deeply nurturing and nourishing practice as well as challenging taking us to our edges where we can grow  Its fun and life affirming, real and grounded, its deep and playful.

This course is a great introduction to see if its for you, to get flavour of the practice, learn some skills and begin to connect with yourself more deeply. I’d love for you to join me if you feel called to do so.

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