Running !

Just been on my 3rd run since 2020, and it’s feeling so good! ..after a period of prolonged stress, major life changes followed by adrenal fatigue, menopause , Covid, depression and being the middle aged age I am , I really thought I was done running..didn’t have the energy anymore..BUT after a couple of years of yoga, sleeping,reflecting and healing, conserving and building my ki up again I actually had the urge to get out there, get out of breath and move my lung energy again. I am so delighted and as I was running this morning I was reflecting on how my experience and knowledge of Shiatsu helped me understand what was going on for me,( sometimes retrospectively), even in the times I didn’t understand and felt hopeless with no energy at all my understanding of ki and its cycles explained in 5 element theory and TCM held my experience and helped me to stay with myself and what I knew I needed to do .My training and the healing I received helped me trust my instincts and my process even when I felt lost, scared and confused. Building myself back up has been a long road and it continues but this feels like a breakthrough moment that I wanted to share and say if you want to find out more about Shiatsu and how it works and how it can help us understand and look after ourselves you can try a session or join my foundation course to go deeper into it .

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