We are entering the water element as we go into winter (although its still quite mild !), We have more dark hours than light , energy is low, we are all tired needing our christmas break, the trees are bare , the energy has gone inwards into the earth to rest until spring. In the same way as nature you may notice in yourself that you want to hibernate and rest more yet our lives demand that we keep going in the same way as we do all year ! The result can be exhaustion and getting ill . The water element is about the balance between rest and activity for optimum  health and wellbeing. In a culture that doesn’t really value rest and stillness carving out a space for yourself to have a treatment  in your busy life can be a great way to have some nourishment and reflective time for you to nurture your water element so you don’t go into spring running on empty. Shiatsu can give that space for you to be held so you can let go,  nourish your energy aswell as ease aches and pains…

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