Come and find out about Shiatsu and what you will learn on the foundation course. We will have an experience on how we use movement and breath to become more aware of ourselves, a taster of how we learn to practice, and time for reflection and questions.

Come and find out if Shiatsu is for you 💚

winter time, water element………

……………the time to go inwards, reflect and distill. The water element rules the bones, the densest parts of us, the structure that holds us up and supports our bodies. The bare trees in winter showing us their skeletons inviting us to pare back , simplify, rest and contemplate. Natures energy has gone deep into the earth, resting and gathering and preparing itself for the next phase. Its a beneficial time to receive some nourishment and support our kidney energy. If your feeling tired and depleted Shiatsu can really help to recharge your batteries…..


It’s been so lovely in Cardiff this week only noticing a slight morning chill as autumn creeps in. I never used to beable to connect with the energy of Autumn, feeling the loss of the of the energy of Spring and Summer. Nowadays I love this shift, the softening energy, watching how nature lets go…..In Shiatsu Five Element Theory we are moving into Metal, the season of letting go of all we don’t need anymore. a good time to declutter, sort your wardrobe out or reflect on what you may want to let go of emotionally or mentally. Let the energy of the season help you….. Autumn love …..

SPRING Foundation Course

Dates are now confirmed for this Spring : 23/24 April, 7/8 May , 28/29 May. The course will be held at Chapter Arts Centre , Canton, Cardiff.

An introduction to the beautiful art of Shiatsu, you will learn a full body sequence to practice on friends and family, self awareness and connection practices, an introduction to the classical meridian system and 5 element theory , the essence of Shiatsu , stretches and self massage.

The course runs over 3 weekends, 10am to 5pm and costs £390 ( there are bursary places available on application). It is affiliated to the Bristol school of Shiatsu where students can go on to study further by joining straight into year 1.

If you are looking for a nourishing and healing experience, space for you, to learn new skills, self development or some CPD , time for connection and awareness then get in touch to register or have a chat about it.