Hurrah! I can finally welcome you back for treatments…It’s been so long. Whether your an existing client or your new to Shiatsu rest assured that your wellbeing is my priority and keeping Covid safe is built into the clinic and treatments. When you book an appointment I will ask you some questions and let you know the way I am working so you can feel safe coming for treatment. We all need some input after the winter we’ve had so come and receive some nourishing Shiatsu touch. If you are suffering with symptoms of long covid I am adapting sessions to suit you so please get in touch to discuss your needs. With so many people struggling with post viral fatigue, therapies can really be the support they need, if your drawn to Shiatsu I really look forward to meeting you and being part of your road to recovery.

I am now offering shorter sessions of 30 minutes either on the mat or seated .


The course will be held at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff on 13,14 November, 27,28 November and 11,12 December £390 for 3 weekends , a deposit secures your place (payment plans by arrangement) , there are bursary places available by application for anyone facing barriers to access who are keen to start their Shiatsu journey.

I’m really excited to be able to offer this course again. We will be adhering to Covid government guidelines and the Shiatsu Society UK advice which at present includes pre-screening before attendance, social distancing and mask wearing in communal area and masks worn while giving and receiving Shiatsu.

There are more details on my Foundation page on my website along with the course syllabus. For more information or a chat about please get in touch 07930241409,


I’m about to start an exciting new project at The Seren hospital in Brigend. As part of the unique wellbeing team there I will be delivering shiatsu on the ward to patients rehabilitating from Covid. This is such an amazing opportunity to work in an NHS setting, Im very excited !! I’m also going to offer sessions to staff to support their wellbeing as I think our NHS heroes would really benefit from some healing and support. We have arts projects, mental health provision, movement, yoga and bodywork in the wellbeing team helping patients recover quicker so they can be discharged and finally go home.

Update: This project has been going so well, I’m half way through it now and the response has been overwhelming. Elderly patients who have mostly never had a massage in their lives before being so open to trying it and loving the benefits of nurturing touch, some quotes from them below. The staff on the ward have been so supportive and encouraging of my work too.

‘it feels like a hug’

‘it feels like your hand is taking all the pain away’

‘my body feels light as a feather’

‘can I have another dose please?’

Senior nurse :

‘wowed is the word, one of our patients who is quite restless, changeable and very bored following the Shiatsu session was glowing, and said it was incredible,but what was excellent was that his mood and his fidgeting just wasn’t there and that lasted for the weekend. He remembered it and it was a really effective therapy for him. It made me realise that I wish we had more of that in hospitals because that’s much more effective than any medication. It stopped the escalation of behaviours due to dementia and boredom’

Back to work!

So I am starting to give Shiatsu again this month, hurrah ! My practice room will be well ventilated and sprayed in between clients. I am asking people to bring their own sheets to cover the futon and a mask. I will carry out a risk assessment on booking and check in on the day of the appointment aswell. I’m looking forward to getting back to it immensely. If you have any queries then please get in touch and l’ll do my best to answer questions and reassure any worries you may have …


So the foundation course is postponed until the Autumn, dates to be confirmed ..

The Shiatsu society has now advised we stop giving treatments for the forseeable future. I hope all my clients stay well and safe and I am available should anyone want any wellbeing advice or support…See you all soon hopefully……

Precautionary measures..

I am still offering treatments this week and will be responding to professional guidelines as they appear. I will be using fresh couch roll for each client and will wash my hands before and after each treatment. Clients will also be asked to wash their hands when they arrive. Surfaces and door handles will be cleaned inbetween each client. Obviously if you have any of the symptoms listed or anyone in your household is unwell then please get in touch to rearrange , cancellation fees do not apply at this time.  Shiatsu is an excellent treatment for boosting the immune system and giving you a chance to rest and relax to help you stay strong and positive in this uncertain time .


Low cost clinic

I am going to offer a low cost clinic starting on Thursday 19th March. Shiatsu sessions are available on a donation basis. For more information or to book an appointment please email or call me. 07930241409